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An incredible experience

AIRE Ancient Baths was conceived in 2014, right in the heart of Sevilla. Since then we have managed to leave our mark and radiate the same feeling of well-being and relaxation everywhere we go. Currently, the AIRE Experience is has already reached New York, Chicago, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Sevilla, Almería and Vallromanes. While placing water as the main exponent and common thread, we are committed to offer a unique experience. The happening takes place in candle-lit, magic- filled venues.  All of this whilst being part of soul infused locations. Our main purpose is to uphold rest and relaxation for the body and mind, permanently inspired by the bathing tradition everlasting in Ancient civilizations.

Bringing the same passion to what we care about and enjoy doing, we offer our employees the chance to expand their professional horizons. We take pride in our team being approachable and humane. AIRE highlights the importance of ambition, innovation and commitment. Therefore, professional development and personal wellbeing of our team components is placed at the top of our prerogatives.



The inside world of AIRE conveys an exceptional experience, focused around a horizontal structure. Flexibility is one of the main pillars in our corporative culture. Our locations are based in historical buildings; all of them are exquisitely decorated and emblematically placed, according to each and every city we now belong to.

AIRE is characterized by its own business model. Through this entire journey, we have fostered our specific know how as a company. We have curated our own work methodology, which prompts an individual enrichment for the whole team; in a way that feels both mutual and bilateral. 

Perks & Benefits

As an AIRE member we want to offer you the chance to:

  • Be a part of a professional team, which strives for leadership in the wellness industry

  • Take part in a company which offers a brand new concept, valued by the global public

  • Help us make a lifestyle out of well-being and relaxation

  • Grow internally and make your abilities achieve a new standard in order to build a successful career

  • Be at the core of a humane and multicultural team

  • Enjoy employer’s discount in every AIRE centre.

AIRE Locations

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AIRE Spaces

Dive into our installations and discover AIRE’s charm: feel the beauty and the personality of every location…


Aire de Barcelona
08003 Barcelona Directions View page

AIRE Ancient Baths Almería

Aire de Almeria
04003 Almería Directions View page

AIRE Ancient Baths Chicago

AIRE Ancient Baths Chicago
60642 Chicago Directions View page

AIRE Ancient Baths Copenhagen

AIRE Ancient Baths København
1799 København Directions View page

AIRE Ancient Baths Group

Carrer de la Princesa, 56
08003 Barcelona Directions

AIRE Ancient Baths London

Lower Robert Street
WC2N London Directions lmora@beaire.com View page

AIRE Ancient Baths New York

10007 New York Directions View page

AIRE Ancient Baths Sevilla

AIRE Ancient Baths SEVILLA
41004 Sevilla Directions View page

AIRE Ancient Baths Tenerife - Call center

Av. Manuel Hermoso Rojas, 4
38003 Santa Cruz de Tenerife Directions

AIRE Ancient Baths Vallromanes

Aire de Vallromanes
08188 Barcelona Directions View page